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Indulge in the allure of our exclusive terrariums and AquaTerras, each a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. With only one piece per design, you'll own a truly unique creation.

  • Ready-Made Solutions
  • Acclimated to success
  • Low Maintenance
  • 4-5 Day Delivery in Delhi NCR
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Custom Articles


Tailor near-museum quality articles for your home/office. We will build one-of-a-kind Terrariums and AquaTerras according to your specifications and needs.

  • Built from Scratch
  • As per your needs
  • Low Maintenance
  • Min 3-4 Weeks Delivery
Your Design, Your Way

Why choose us? Well...

We specialize in creating highly natural-looking scapes with meticulous attention to detail, setting us apart from generic templates. As the city's new premier provider, we offer a unique blend of simplicity and artistic beauty that will elevate your space to new heights.

All our services are...

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Hand Crafted

Each article is meticulously crafted, ensuring a personalized touch and unparalleled quality

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Experience the beauty of nature effortlessly with our ecosystems that require minimal upkeep

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Statement Art

Elevate your space articles that make a bold artistic statement, inspiring awe and conversation

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Unleash your individuality with our one-of-a-kind art, curated to embody distinctiveness

Because we care... for you & the Planet!

Embrace the power of your purchase with 'That Plantsman'. By choosing our exclusive creations, 5% of your order value goes towards planting trees across India. Join us in transforming spaces, preserving nature, and making a lasting impact. Together, let's bring beauty indoors while saving our planet.

Who's That Plantsman? Meet...


Anuj Thakur

Artist & Founder

Hi there! I am Anuj!
Being a mountain man from the valley of Jammu, I have lived, breathed and observed raw nature around me very closely before settling in Delhi NCR
I came up with "That Plantsman" with the intention to make such scapes more accessible in India - and bring "true to nature" art into your home. The times in which we live make it ever more important to understand, appreciate, and cherish the natural world.
Discover the profound peace nature brings as I artfully combine natural stones, plants, wood, and water. Embrace the harmony that transcends mere random potted plants.
So here, I "Plan the Unplanned". And Remember...

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